Complete flour milling equipment

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Ethoipia Milling

Hongdefa Machinery is an experienced supplier in North China.We supply Turnkey project for wheat flour milling machine line , maize mill plant, corn flour mill machine, grain steel silo and steel structure.
Hongdefa machinery focus on high quality and we supply factory price. No Agent fee, no Extra expenses.

We have many high-quality flour machine,milling equipments operating in Ethiopia

Some of which is as follows:

120T/DAY wheat flour mill machine in ADDIS ABABA (MISRAK FLOUR FACTORY)

120T/DAY wheat flour mill plant in ASKO,ADDIS ABABA(TENA FLOUR)

82T/DAY wheat flour mill factory in TILILI

82T/DAY wheat flour milling machine in ALEMGENA (BONI FOOD)

62T/DAY wheat flour mill machinery in BAHIR DAR

100T/DAY maize flour mill project in INJIBARA (ETHIO AGRI-CEFT PLC)

100T/DAY maize flour mill equipment in SHASHAMENI (DIBORA FLOUR FACTORY)

100T/DAY maize flour milling in BAHIR DAR

100T/DAY maize flour mills in DESSIE

60T/24H maize milling machine in BAHIR DAR

50TPD maize mill line in Alemgena

30t/24h maize flour plant in Gelan, Gambella.


As everyone knows, there are two things that everyone must do every day, one is sleeping and the other is eating.

According to the statistics of Ethiopia, there are more than 100 million people, so the amount of wheat flour /maize flour to be eaten every day is very large. Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic and locust plague, BIRR has further depreciated, leading to rising food prices, including flour.

From a business perspective, this is indeed an opportunity for the food processing industry.


The flour that meets market requirements and brings high profits cannot do without high-quality and guaranteed wheat flour milling equipment and maize flour mill machines.


1. What is the general flour extraction rate of your wheat milling equipment?


75%-80%. Our equipment can produce three kinds of flour, namely grade one, grade two, and secondary flour.

The flour extraction rate and the flour quality are always related.

When the flour extraction rate is low, it means that the equipment only extracts the most essential part of the wheat.

The flour quality is pure and the color is very white. this kind of flour is generally used to make PASTA.

The other part of the not very good flour follows as a by-product. Produced with bran.


When the flour extraction rate is high, it means that a small part of bran and secondary flour have been mixed in, and the flour has black spots. This flour is generally used to make bread or biscuits. The Ethiopian flour milling market pays more attention to flour yield and produces one type of flour (mixed grade one and grade two flour).


As long as the flour extraction rate is about 75% on average, the flour mill factory can get a very good profit.


2. What products can your maize flour milling equipment produce?


For the Ethiopian market,

There are mainly

grits,(The use is 1, instead of rice, mixed with Teff flour to make Injera ,or for baby food and puffed food. Similar to ENRICH products)

Maize Flour (market price is about half of wheat flour)

Bad flour, germ, bran.


3. How to store raw grains?


In addition to flour milling equipment, we also supply steel structure workshops and silos to store wheat and maize