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Grain Steel Silo 

project silo.jpg
1000T silo.jpg
Grain silo is necessary for investment turnkey project milling machine,no matter for maize milling machine or wheat flour mill.
Our silo have two type:

Flat bottom silos;Hopper silos;Delivery silos;Feed silo

Different capacity have different design and flow.From small capacity 50t,100t,200t to big capacity 1000t 3000t 5000t.
Our Silo using all over the world:
15000T steel silo for DR Congo
3000t*2pieces steel silo for Zambia 240t/24h maize milling machine;
1000t*2pieces maize steel silo for Ethiopia 100t/24h maize flour mill line;
500*2piecs steel silo for China 150t/24h wheat milling; etc.

High strength, high performance, high cost performance, easy maintenance, long life !

With high degree of standardization, standard parts can be made according to international materials, so as to realize standardization

The assembly is simple and fast. All parts of the steel warehouse are connected by bolts, so the installation is fast and the construction period is short


Our Quality silo is complete system with pre-cleaning system, Bucket elevator,Screw conveyor,Overhead corridors and Accessory.

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