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New order for flour milling machine.

Our customer deposit 50,000.00usd to China HDF for flour mill line.

Complete project for milling line with cleaning-milling-packing.

Contact us now for the mill machine.

220t flour milling line installing_edite

220TPD maize mill


220T maize meal milling machine installing in Zambia. 

It is European High standard

Welcome to visit our millingplant in Africa.

50t maize milling plant_edited_edited.jpg

50TPD maize mill


50t maize milling machine installing in Rwanda, Africa.

Welcome to visit and communicate about the milling plant.

1000t steel silo.jpg

Silo in Congo 


Steel Grain silo finish installation in Congo.

To storage the raw material Maize.

Capacity: 1000T

300T gweru.jpg

300t Maize mill


300t maize flour milling machine running in Gweru,Zimbabwe

Produce super white maize meal.

High quality machine line.

Pneumatic roller mill in the milling section

nampula maize milling machine 50T.jpg



50T maize flour milling machine finish the commission in Nampula, Mozambique.

Produce super white super fine maize flour.


100t milling machine


100t/24h maize flour milling line running in Katsina, Nigeria.

Produce super fine maize flour with roller mill and hammer mill

30t maize mill install in Kenya Busia

November 20, 2020

30t maize milling line running in Busia, Kenya.For the maize milling machine are complete line contains cleaning, degerminating,milling, sifting, packing,controlling system, which can produce "super white maize flour" for Ugali suitable for your market need.  It's special design for Kenya market, which have Japan technology degerminator, can produce "super white" maize meal for Ugali.
We have micro dosser, for adding vitamin,minerals, it can produce fortified maize meal. 


62t wheat flour mill installing in Ethiopia

November 11, 2020

We have the mill from 5ton per day to 500ton per day maize/wheat flour mill with different design. We have many machines running in Ethiopia.This 62t/24h wheat flour mill now installing in Bahirdar. Wigh high technology and high quality.

100t maize mill installing in Ethiopia Bahir dar

October 27, 2020

Our machine quality is best, with cleaning-milling-packing. Stainless steel pipes and cyclone; Smart touch screen control system. The machine use newest technology, special design for Ethiopia. The machine more durable and life long.
Our price is factory price,no agent commission.Price directly you got from Factory. 

loading containers to Malawi

October 13, 2020

 Malawi client bought our maize milling machine with full automatic type, with auto packing machines.Produce high quality maize meal.Compelte maize flour mill equipment good for Africa market.

150T flour milling machine installing in Africa now

April 12, 2020

150T flour milling machine installing in Africa now. Hongdefa Machinery supply turnkey flour mill project with High standard.In this special period of the Corona-Virus, stay home, stay safe is the best way to avoid the virus.
Then, you have enough time to know the food industry, flour mill equipment, also know us(Hongdefa machinery). Contact me if you have an interest on invest milling project. Let's communicate now!  

Congra: 500T silo finish install

March 23, 2020

In Africa,one more 500t silo from China Hongdefa Machinery finish the install today.Congratulations.

Silo is use for storage raw material,like maize ,wheat etc.Good way to keep the material with a good condition.If you order the milling plant capacity more than 30t,we suggest you order the stell silo together.

Client bought two sets of 30t maize flour mill machine

March 08, 2020

Hongdefa client bought two sets of 30t maize meal milling machine in one warehouse.Complete line with maize clean,maize mill,maize flour packing.Produce super white super fine maize meal.

December 25, 2019

The 100T/24h maize mill is a complete production line including: Cleaning - Degerminating - Milling - Packing - Touch screen control system. 

Our maize milling line produce super white maize flour ,maize grits,get the best market.

Congrat: 150t wheat flour mill in Egypt

December 16, 2019

Our client from Eygpt,150t/24h wheat flour milling line.

Hongdefa Machinery,our company about 40 years.We supply High quality milling line with cleaning-milling-packing system.Produce high quality wheat flour for pasta,bread,cake,biscuit,macaroni,etc.Also we produce maize flour mill project(corn milling line),produce grits,maize flour,bran etc.

Hongdefa machinery will attend Lagos int'l trade fair

November 01, 2019

Hongdefa machinery will attend Lagos int'l trade fair.

Welcome to join us,let's communicate in maize milling machine, wheat flour milling machine.steel silo and steel structure workshop.

Contact us for more details.

Trade fair name : lagos int'l trade fair

Name of exhibition hall: Tafawa Balewa Square

Add : 45/57 Massey Bamgboshe Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

Hongdefa Stall NO.: 2-C32

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Congrat:100t flour mill with silo

October 24, 2019

Hongdefa Machinery is a leading company integrated with research, manufacture and marketing of grain projects(wheat flour milling line,maize milling project,grain cleaning machine).Guaranteeing efficient technology as well as high quality and precision equipment. 

Client visit HDF

October 14, 2019

Client visit Hongdefa machinery for flour milling machine line.

Most professional for wheat/maize milling machine Since 1982.You are warmly welcomed to visit us,in our factory you will see:
1. A 120T/24H maize mill ,150t/24h wheat flour mill installed in our factory. 
2. Two sets of maize mill line installed,and we can show you how it's running. 
3. Stock machines of 30T/24H, 50T/24h maize mill etc, ready to delivery to Kenya and Zambia. 

+86 136 73 11 82 18 (whatsapp/wechat/telegram)


Client visited Hongdefa

September 25, 2019

Zimbabwe client come visit Hongdefa to inspect his 50t/24h corn flour mill machine In Hongdefa, Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China. He ordered 50t per 24h maize milling machine month ago.And we will ship machien to him early october.

Congra:300t wheat flour mill testing successful

September 16, 2019

Hongdefa engineers,testing the 300t wheat flour mill.Newest technology, good quality,best after sale service!

Complete line from cleaning-milling-packing.with PLC control system.

20T flour mill install in Tanzania

September 05, 2019

Hongdefa Machinery,our engineer now in Tanzania installing another 20T maize mill for our client. Will finish end of Sep.
Who need the maize mill machine, pls contact with us freely Whatsapp: +8613673118218
#maizemill #Tanzaniamaizemill #maizemillinstall#maizemillfactory##mills##hongdefa#

20t maize mill machine ship to Kenya

September 01, 2019

Finished the container loading for 20t Maize mill,for Kenya clients. We did the Coc certificate and the Sgs inspector come to do inspection and container loading at the same time!

Contact us for more specification about maize milling machine.

HDF 27 engineers installing mill plant all over the world

August 20, 2019

Thanks for our 27engineers nowadays installing the maize and wheat flour milling machines in all over the world! 

We get the installation photos well! 

Super work!


August 09, 2019

Busy day for loading this 30t/24h maize mill to Kenya.Our clients visit China,and inspection the loading.He is satisfied.

30t maize milling machine is popular in Kenya,good choice for starter.

Complete machine line easy operate,fully automatic line.

150T wheat flour mill shipped to Egypt

July 11, 2019

150t wheat flour milling machine shipped to Egypt.This is one complete ,automatic flour mill line .Including cleaning-milling-packing systems.Turnkey projects.

Exhibition in KICC,Nairobi Kenya

June 19, 2019

Exhibition in KICC,Nairobi Kenya for maize milling machine wheat mill machine and other agriculture machines.
Welcome visit and get more infor for flour milling lines.
PH:+86 13673118218 (with whataspp/wechat) 

13th June Meet us in Kenya

June 10, 2019

Our team will visit Nairobi, Kenya from 13 June 2019 to 17 June 2019.

Hotel name: Batians Peak Serviced Apartments
Add: Off Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Would you like to meet with us for the maize/ wheat flour milling machines?

Customer satisfaction is the greatest happiness in our work! 

June 03, 2019

This is our 30t maize milling machine running in Nigeria. Produce very good quality super flour.The people would love to buy quality flour from our client.

Any interesting in flour milling machine, maize flour mill line, grain silo, and steel structure warehouse

Congrat: One more Hongdefa 30t maize mill

May 04, 2019

One more hongdefa brand 30t/24h maize flour milling machine installing in Africa.After 10days will finish and test.It is complete line with cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing.Produce super white super fine maize flour.

If you have any interesting in flour milling machine or maize milling line,pls contact us freely. 24hours service on line. 

Congrat: 10t per 24h maize meal milling in Tanzania

April 16, 2019

Hongdefa Machinery newest 10t/24h maize meal milling machine installing in Tanzania.Produce super white super fine maize meal.Quality machine produce quality maize flour.

82t wheat flour mill in Ethiopia

March 26, 2019

Hongdefa brand 82ton wheat flour milling machine will finish installing soon!
The machine adopts advanced technology in addition to the best quality!
Just come to us, we will supplying to you that the best flour milling machinery and providing the best service ever!
Quality is our identity! 

#82tonwheatflourmillingmachine #flourmillingmachine #flourmill#hongdefa 

Congrat:30T maize mill in Uganda

March 18, 2019

Hongdefa machinery supply 30t maize flour milling line ,running perfect in Mbarara,Uganda.Special design for Uganda market with hammer mill and roller mill.The flour quality is super white and super fine. Complete line including cleaning, degerminating(HDF patent machine), milling, sifting, packing and controlling systems.

Raw material storage for wheat and maize

March 10, 2019

Our mission is to constructing and supplying a quality silo to our customer that efficiently to the required quality, standard and reasonable price in order to satisfied our customer and promoting investment in all over the world.

For more details about Hongdefa, Please contact us by +86 136 73 11 82 18(whatsapp/wechat) or email us by 

Congrat:20T wheat flour mill installing in Ethiopia

March 04, 2019

This is a 20ton per 24hours wheat flour milling machine which is installing in Ethiopia. 
Any requirements please let me know, We can arrange all equipment according with your demands!

+86 136 73 11 82 18(whatsapp/wechat)

Email us by

Congrat: 80t wheat flour mill in Ehiopita

February 26, 2019

Our 80t/24h wheat flour milling machine installing now in Ethoipia.

This Series is Equipped With:
1. High efficiency cleaning equipment, including aspiration seperator, vibro sparator,destoner,dempener,disc cylinder selector.
2. Advanced milling equipment, including pneumatic control roller mill, square plansifter, purifier.
3. High precision packing machine from 25kg to 50kg.

Produce Good quality wheat flour for Ethiopia market,the output about 75-79%.

Congrat:30t per day maize machine

February 10, 2019

Complete 30t maize flour milling machine finished install and test.Produce super fine super white maize flour.We supply good quality and factory price of maize machine.

Congrat: 50t/24h maize mill for Tanzania

January 29, 2019

Our 50t per 24hour maize milling machine line finish in Tanzania. With cleaning milling and packing system.Produce super white super fine maize flour for Sembe,Dona etc. Quality maize mill machine produce quality flour.

Congrat: New 20t/24h maize mill machine in Tanzania

January 26, 2019

Our 20t per 24hours maize milling machine,finish testing,now running perfect in Kenya.Hongdefa Company always supply best quality machine with best after sale service.Complete line include cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing.Produce super fine super white flour for Ugali,Posho meal,Unga etc.Contact us now for more info.

Congrat:Flour mill get Nigeria certificate

January 22, 2019

Hongdefa flour mill Machinery get the flour mill machine Quality certificate in Nigeria


Phone:+86 136 73 11 82 18(whatsapp/wechat); 

Congrat:240T maize flour mill in Zambia

January 17, 2019

Right now there is a famous maize milling factory based in Chimwemwe,KITWE, Zambia. Thousand of people come there to buy breakfast meal and roller meal because of the superior quality and very competitive price.Bwino milling did, and so does hongdefa flour mill. It is a busy beginning month for hongdefa.

Congrat: 50T maize mill in Kenya

January 07, 2019

New 50 ton maize mill machine is install in Africa with Hongdefa Horizontal Design! 
We prepare the preferable design for clients that suit to the warehouse obtains! 
For more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us; +86 136 73 11 82 18(whatsapp/wechat) or email us by 

January 03, 2019

One of our Kenya client come to visit and check Hongdefa 100T/24H corn flour mill machine! The complete processing equipment is premium for maize milling. Come to visit us, We are the world leader in the production of maize/wheat flour milling machines and equipment!
Choose Hongdefa, Choose us!
You get BEST supplies with high quality flour milling machinery!

December 31, 2018

Today we start use calendar of 2019. 
Hongdefa Machinery duty is continue supply you quality flour milling machine,maize flour equipments ,spare parts and best after sale service.
Hope we can have more cooperation in 2019 !

Congrat:42t/24h wheat flour mill installing in Ethiopia

November 29, 2018

42 tons wheat flour milling plant installing in north of Ethiopia, for quality flour.

PLC control wheat flour milling plant.

This machine adopt new technology with stainless steel pipes&cyclone.more durable and long life.

Congrat: New order flour milling machine

November 18, 2018

New order for flour milling machine.You are warmly welcome visit our factory in China.We have the running machine 100t ,200t flour milling equipment in our city.You can see each machines producing and we have the testing machine in our factory.We would like do the invitation letter for you get visa,pick you up at airport,and book hotel for you.

Congrat: 30t maize flour mill in Nigeria

November 12, 2018

30t per 24h maize flour milling machine install finish in Nigeria.Hongdefa flour mill clients in Nigeria: 100t/24h maize mill running in Benue,near Benue state University.The owner is the mayor of Benue state. Also have another100t order producing now,30t 15t milling line in Nigeria. etc

30t maize milling machine successfully testing and running

October 14, 2018

 Congratulations,In Zambia,30t maize milling machine successfully testing and running. Pround of being a member of HDF.

October meet Hongdefa Machinery team in Zimbabwe or South Africa

September 30, 2018

Be honored of clients’ invitation, Hongdefa machinery team will visit Zimbabwe and South Africa for meeting some clients and visiting of some old clients on maize flour milling machine and wheat flour milling machinery,also other grain cleaning machine,steel structure warehouse,Steel silo etc.. Technical manager Mr Huang and Marketing manager Ms Guo will start their visit in


Zimbabwe, from 7th October 2018 to 14th October 2018

South Africa, from 14th October 2018 to 18th October 2018

Congratulation for 30t in Tanzania

September 28, 2018

Smiling is the language we all understand! Client is friend, to let the client smile makes us feeling great!
Congratulations !!

on the 30t maize mill machine finished installation in Tanzania!
+86 136 73 11 82 18

240t maize mill project in Angola

September 03, 2018

Angola 240t/24h maize milling project with cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing

Join Egypt Sahara exhibition on 16th SEP,2018

September 02, 2018

Meet in Egypt, We will come to Cairo from 16th Sep to 19th Sep 2018 for SAHARA EXHIBITION for wheat flour mill,maize flour mill business. 

10T/Hr Maize milling with 3000T silo

August 18, 2018

European client inspected Hongdefa complete turn key project as 10T/Hr Maize milling with 3000T silo and PLC control system.
1)The roller mill we have single roller mill, double roller mill and Pneumatic roller mill. 
2)For the sifter we have double section sifter and plansifter
3)For the packing we have hand sewing machine and Auto-weighing and packing machine
4)For the pipes we have common steel pipes and stainless steel pipes. 
Also for some other machines, there have different kind. 

Satisfied client feedback

August 17, 2018

Our maize milling machine is complete turnkey project, more than 30years experience our professional design give client what they want.

Weighing bridge

August 16, 2018

How about weighing bridge with different capacity as 60t/80T according clients interest?If you have interest ,please contact us for more 

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