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5T-10T/24H Maize Flour Milling Machine
maize meal milling/corn flour milling running in Uganda,Zambia,Kenya,Namibia,Angola etc.


This design specially for Super fine super white maize flour.
Cmplete maize milling machine with three parts:cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing.
We use effective Cleaner,Japan Tech Degerminator,Single sifter series and HDF hammer mill.
Final products:maize flour,maize bran,maize grits.Percentage can be adjust accordingly. 

It is suitable for starter/beginner. Low power consumption.

5t A maize milling line.jpg

Hongdefa Machinery produces the 10T/24H maize grinding machine is a complete production line with all parts, like cleaning system, Degerminating system, flour milling system, packing system, stainless steel pipes, and cyclone, spare parts one year free and so on.

Different countries have different flour markets,we give different machine designs.

We equipped degerminator in the cleaning system. it can scrub germ and peel to make sure this line can produce super maize meal, maize flour.

10t maize milling line.jpg

5t/24h maize milling machine as small scale but complete line including cleaning, degerminating, milling, sifting, packing and controlling systems.The final product can be super white super fine maize flour,bran for animal feed etc as required.

5t maize mill project.jpg

5t/24h maize mill

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