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Get the right person and right supplier for flour milling machine.
We are the biggest supplier of maize milling machine in China.
We have many many years of experience in the flour milling market and can provide you with better consultation and after-sales services.

We have different tonnage production machines, like 10t/24h 30t/24h 50t/24h 100t/24h 200t/24h 500t/24h etc. The capacity means the input of the line. 

For example, 30t/24h means process 30t raw maize per 24hours.

Our maize milling machine equip the machine with degerminator remove all bran and germ, makes final product very pure and fine. Make our machine can produce super maize meal, super fine maize flour, breakfast meal, roller meal to meet different market’s needs.

10t maize milling line.jpg


Small capacity for start

Commercial maize milling line

Small but complete line with cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing.



30t maize milling line from hongdefa machinery.jpg


Efficient maize mill

Automatic milling line with clean-degerminating-milling-packing.

For super white super fine maize flour.



50t per 24h maize mill line (1).jpg


Middle capacity mill line

Pneumatic system roller mill with double sifters. Fully automatic and high standard.

Vertical structure system.



100t maize flour milling line from hongdefa (1).jpg


New Design New Technology

According different country and market,the maize mill plant produce different final products.

Computer Damper for moisture;

Patent Degerminator machine;

Pneumatic Roller Mill...



Maize milling plant.JPG


Different products packing

Auto Packing system with three or more outlet. For super fine super white maize flour, different size of grits, different quality bran etc.

HDF specially design according to client inquiry.



roller mill good quality.jpg


Big capacity maize mill plant

Vertical steel Structure design or Cement Building.

Engineer Team design One to One.



Maize Mill Technical Flow Chart

maize milling line flow chart.png

Hongdefa Brand Maize Milling Line Technical Flow chart

  • Cleaning Section maize flour milling line

Maize Cleaner, Efficient Destoner, Stainless steel Magnetic Separator, remove all kinds of impurities in raw maize.

  • Degerminating Section corn flour milling line

Adopt Japan and America Degerminating Technology,  Scrub The Bran Skin From The Maize Kernel, And To Dislodge The Germ From Its Cavity  Produce Pure White Maize Flour Maize Meal ,Maize Grits, Maize Samp for Africa market

  • Milling Section for maize meal milling line

Pneumatic Double Roller mills/ Single Roller mills with Plansifters, produces high-quality maize meal through an easily managed process.

  • Packing Section for maize milling line

Auto Packing machine with auto filling and auto sewing machines, for PP oven bags or Paper bags packing.

1kg-5kg, 10kg-25kg 25kg-50kg 100kg etc.

Pack for different final products.

Maize milling machine /corn mill ​enables the client to produce super and special maize meal, samp,brewers grits,fine maize flour – all in one machine. 

A compact machine in the true sense of the word True to HONGDEFA MILL tradition, one of the key benefits of the HDFM150 maize mill /corn mill is that it’s a proper compact machine, which can be built on one level.

Maize flour mill Showcase

1500t maize mill for SA.jpg
South Africa

1500t/24h maize flour mill machine 

240t maize mill line machine (2).JPG

250t/24h corn milling plant

hongdefa quality milling line (16).jpg

100t/24h maize grits maize flour mill line in Shashameni

100t maize mill.jpg

100tpd maize meal grinding equipment

maize flour milling line from hongdefa.png

300t/24h maize meal mill plant

150t maize milling line (1).jpg

150t/24h maize meal plant in Nairobi

100t maize mill in ET.jpg

100t/24h maize flour milling line in Bahir dar

100t maize meal mill in kenya.jpg

100tpd maize flour machine in Nairobi

240T maize milling line (4).JPG

250t/24h maize meal milling plant

240t maize mill line machine .JPG

150t/24h corn flour milling equipments

maize milling machine line (6).jpg

100tpd maize flour machine in Dessy

milling machine (1).jpg

100ton maize mill line in Kasina State

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