20-30T/24H maize flour milling machine

maize meal milling/corn flour milling running in Uganda,Zambia,Kenya,Namibia,Angola etc.

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Nairobi Kenya Running corn mill/maize mill of 20T/24h ;

Lusaka Zambia Running corn mill/maize mill of 30T/24h ;

Kinshasa RD Congo Running corn mill/maize mill of 24T/24h;

Kampala Uganda Running corn mill/maize mill of 30T/24h .etc

20t/24h 30t/24h maize milling machine is popular for flour mill business start.

The complete intergrated maize milling unit is suitable for the production of high yield and quality maize flour with low fat content.

With state-of-the-art process technologies for decortication,crushing,degermination and milling os maize,this processing unit can provide the production of high quality breakfast meal flour with low fat content.Bran and germ could be used as animal feed.

The coomplete maize milling unit enables the millers to obtain top-class finished products with minimum fat content and specks and maximum yield.

The maize processing line includes flour maize sections:

1.cleaning section:(separation,aspiration,desoning and dampening)

2.degermination section:polishing ,crushing and grading

3.milling section:grinding and sifting

4.packing section: 25kg/bag,50kg/bag​

How many containers for one HDFM20-30T Corn mill/maize mill?

20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill need40feet container *1pcs

Total power consumption is how much?

20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill need 80kw 

After pay the advance payment, how long time for the delivery?

20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill need 20days delivery time 

How about the degerminating system ?

20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill use Japan degerminating system 

Does the whole system need water ?

Yes, before milling the corn, should put the water to the corn, and let the corn sleep in the bin for some time, it will be easily to take the skin and germ out of the corn.

How about the packing machine?

The 20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill need auto packing machine can pack different size bags, like 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg etc 

Why buy the corn milling machine from China Hongdefa Factory?

Good quality with stainless steel pipes,cyclone,touch screen control etc.

Hongdefa have many years experience, and have done many 20t/24h-30t/24h corn mill/maize mill need success project in different countries, like Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, RD Congo etc 

Every set of equipment we provide is a professional country design, complete and high quality equipment. Combined with cleaning - Milling - Milling - packing, the equipment is used to produce super white super fine maize flour.

  • The cleaning system is used as a combination of grain cleaning screen, double layer stainless steel water machine, Japanese maize milling machine and stainless steel magnetic separator.

  • Milling system with quality roller mill and double sifter, combined with our company professional screen design.

  • Among the milling system using high quality stainless steel pipes and cyclone, greatly prolong the life of the equipment.

  • The control system uses intelligent touch screen control cabinet, which is easy to operate and accurate.

  • The micro dosser(adding machine)to mix with other materials, such as wheat flour, and vitamins in the packing section to increase the nutritional value of the product.