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50T/24H maize flour milling machine
maize meal milling/corn flour milling running in Uganda,Zambia,Kenya,Namibia,Angola etc.  


50T/24H Standard maize flour millling line is the popular medium capacity. 

Complete line with cleaning-degerminating-milling-packing.

Stainless steel pipes and cyclones.

Auto Packing system is auto filling and sewing.

Horizental Design need warehouse 33m*8m*6m(LWH).

50t maize milling line standard.png



50T/24H High Standard maize flour plant is higher standard with Pneumatic Double Roller mills with SKF bearing.

Three Double sifter sieve for different final products seperating.

Include an Impulse dust filter.

Auto Packing system included.

Vertical Design.Warehouse suggestion 33m*8m*8m(LWH).

Popular 50t mill machine line running in Zambia, Uganda,Sudan,Ethiopia etc.



50t maize flour mill plant.jpg



Hongdefa Machinery produces the 60T/24H , 70T/24H maize grinding machine is a complete production line with all parts, like cleaning system, Degerminating system, flour milling system, packing system.

Cleaning system: Cleaner, Stainless steel Damper,Degerminator.

Milling system:Pneumatic Double Roller mills with double sifter

Packing system:Auto Packing system

For paper bags or PP bags.


72T maize mill machine.JPG


Technical design of 50T/24H maize flour milling machinery:

1.Maize Cleaning system, maize cleaner and destoner 

2.Maize moisture system:maize moisture damper and moisture bin 

3.Maize Degerminating part:degerminator and aspirator 

4.Maize milling system:roller stands and sifter 

5.Maize mill machine with Auto and Handle Packaging machine 

​6.Flour mill with Touch screen control system /PLC control system 

7.Pipe,flange,bolt nuts,plantform,etc 

This is  one of the most popular maize flour mills for starter. 

One client from Mansa,Zambia first time to China,he ordered a 50t per day maize milling equipment  in 2009.After six months later, came to China again and we signed contract for another 50 tonnes daily capacity maize mill plant and 1000 Tons Silo. 

 Now he is planning another flour milling plant for 200 ton/24h

50t maize milling line hongdefa machinery (1).png

How about the 50t/24h maize milling plant quality?
Top quality!
Maize Moisture damper for adding water, stainless steel.
Maize Conditioning middle bin ,stainless steel.
All pipes in flour system where contact with material,all stainless steel. 

How about the maize mill degerminating system ?
Use Japan degerminating system and South African maize experience ,it scrub the bran from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity,with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragment. To ensure maize meal and maize flour super white! 

Does the whole system need water ?
Yes, before degerminating and  milling the maize, should put the water to the maize, and let the maize sleep in the bin for some time, it will be easily to take the skin and germ out of the maize.

Can we put vitamin adding machine for maize flour mill?
Sure! As some local market or government request,we can equip the vitamin adding machine to put some elements inside like vitamin A,B,C,iron etc. That is more satisfactory. 

How about the packaging machine?
The auto packaging machine can pack different size bags, like 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg etc.

And can pack also different kind of material like paper bags/PP bags/cloth bags etc 

10-25kg auto-packing for 10kg,12.5kg,20kg,25kg etc. 
25-50kg auto-packing for 25kg,30kg,50kg etc. 

50tonnes/24hr maize mill,how many containers needed?
40ft*2 +20ft*1 for normal 50 ton maize mill.
40ft*4 for normal 100 tons maize mill.

Maize mill total power consumption is how much?
150 kw to 350kw;depending on different technical flow 

After pay the advance payment, how long time for the delivery?
Two to three months delivery time normally. 

50t maize milling line hongdefa machinery (2).png

50t maize meal milling line

We have 50T/D maize meal milling plant, which is our best hot sale in the market.

We have rich experiences in design, installation and training.

The whole milling line 50T/24H is automatic processing mill include raw maize cleaner, Impact cleaner,Destoner,Moisture damper, Degerminator(HDF patent machine), Roller mills,Flour sifters, Blowing fans,Pipes, and Crew conveyors, and automatic flour packing machine.  

We have 50t maize meal milling line running in Thika,Kenya.

50t/24h maize flour milling machine running in Ethiopia.

50tpd maize milling line in Mozambique.

50t per day maize meal mill equipment in Zambia.

50t/24h maize flour mill line in Tanzania.


Hongdefa Machine have two different standard mazie mill model for 50t :

One is Standard mill .It is designed with single manually roller mill and sifter. The dust remove system done by cloth.

The other is High standard.It is designed with Penumatic roller mill and sifter.The dust remove system done by Impulse dust filter. 


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