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100tpd maize milling machine corn flour mill

The 100T/24h maize mill is a complete production line including: Cleaning - Degerminating - Milling - Packing - Touch screen control system. 

It's very high quality and high standard design,Advantages as below:

1. Use Japan technology degerminator,(HDF patent machine) which can produce "super white" maize flour,best suitable for market.  

2. Moisture dampener, two layer and stainless steel.Durable machines and long life.

3. Pneumatic roller mill,automatically control the feeding system.

4. Double section sifters, which have very good function on flour checking and sifting.  

5. Includes two set auto-packing machine.Auto filling and sewing for 10-25kg and 25-50kg.

6. Advanced Touch screen control system ,you can see running condition from the screen.Like your smart phone,easy operate.

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