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62tpd wheat flour milling machine in Bahir dar Ethopia

China Hongdefa Machiner 62t/24h wheat flour milling machine line settled in Bahir Dar, Ethopia.

62ton per day wheat flour mill is high standard with quality machines:

1.In Pre-cleaning system, we have bucket elevator and drum sifter , complete section.

In cleaning system,vibrating sifter,destoner,scourer,plane sifter,washing machine,stainless steel magnetic separator.

2.In milling system,12 pieces roller mill, 5 double sifters,,2pieces bran brusher,vibrating feeder.

All the pipes and cyclone in milling section is stainless steel material,high quality and long life.

3.Packing system, products collector, sewing machine , weighing machine with pulley.

Auto packing system with bucket elevator, packing machine and air compressor sytem.

4.Our control system uses newest technology smart computer Touch screen control.

One touch start and running.

Easy operate and durable.

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