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In Ethiopia high standard 62T wheat flour mill

China Hongdefa Machinery in Ethiopia with high standard 62T wheat flour milling machines.

In wheat flour milling line, up to 80% of costs are caused by raw materials. Our processes and equipment are therefore designed to produce high-quality wheat flour products and maximum yields. If you increase yields by even a fraction, it goes straight to your bottom line. We will supply you high quality and complete auto line with cleaning-milling-packing for flour mill.

We use the newest technology for each part, cleaning section-Sifter, wheat flour milling section-packing section.

Advantages as below: 1. Pipes and cyclone in the wheat flour milling section is Stainless steel material. Life long time and more durable. 2. Pneumatic roller mill, with European standard, high quality. 3. High plansifters, more efficient, and high quality. 4. Smart touch screen control system. new technology and easy control. 5. Auto packing system. 6. The air compressor system with new quality Double Screw type. etc...

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