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Maize milling plant can produce super white and super fine maize meal/maize flour,different size grits,bran etc.


Some of our maize mill projects:

1500t/24h maize milling machine in South Africa;

150t-250t maize meal mill plant in Zambia:APG Milling,Chaoma Milling LTD etc.

Quality 50t-150t/24h maize meal mill equipment in Kenya: KABASSORA MILLERS LTD ,Goldleaf millers,etc.

100T per 24h maize flour&maize grits mill in Ethoipia:  Ethio Agri-CEFT  etc.

maize meal produce ugali,fufu,sadza
hongdefa machinery 240t maize mill in An
Hongdefa Manufacturer supply you Steel structure Warehouse,Wheat flour milling machine,Maize flour milling machine,Grain Silo etc.We only supply good quality machine which can produce good quality flour,Competitive maize flour milling machine price and good after sale service.
Raw 1

Maize mill with Japan Degerminating technology

Patent machine-Degerminator,scrub the bran skin from the maize kernel,and to dislodge the germ from its cavity,with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragments. The degerminator is the heart for making super white maize meal for Africa staple food such as:Fufu/Ugali/Sadza/Unga/Nshima etc.This is one important machine in maize flour milling machine line. 

Maize mill price:$8 500.00~$1 250 000.00

(different capacity with different price) 

degerminator newest.jpg

For beginner, 5t maize flour milling 10t maize milling,20t maize flour mill, 30t maize meal milling line is good choice.Low investment get efficient machine

The complete intergrated maize flour milling unit is suitable for the production of high yield and quality maize flour with low fat content.


Include maize cleaning,moisture,degerminator,milling,sifting, and packing.Also names maize meal machine or maize grits machine.

The maize mill process raw maize one day 5t-30t.The packing section is automatic filling and sewing machine,for 1kg-50kg.

This type maize flour mill have sold to many Africa countries,such as Zambia,Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda,South Africa,Algeria,Senegal etc.

Pipes in maize milling plant is stainless steel

Control system is touch screen automatic system 

Price:$9 500.00~$65 000.00

hongdefa maize mill (1).jpg
Raw 2
50t maize milling machine in kenya.jpg

Middle capacity 50t maize milling machine is one mid capacity for invest milling line.that means process 50t raw maize per 24h.It can processing super white maize flour,super fine maize flour,bran for animal feed.

We have 50t maize meal mealie mill machine running in Zambia,Ethiopia,Kenya,Mozambique,Sourth sudan etc. 

This maize milling machine is turnkey project as one complete automatic line.With cleaning-milling-auto packing systems.

Use the stainless steel pipes and cyclone for life long and durable.

Smart touch screen control system.

In some special countries,like Sudan,Uganda ,Burandi etc will use hammer mill and roller mill together for the maize milling machine,because need produce the super fine flour.

Price:$85 000.00~$175 000.00

Raw 3
100t  mill project.jpg

This is our 80t maize milling machine,100t maize milling machine design.

Maize milling machine can processing 3 kinds of maize products, sifter super white maize meal, partly sifted flour, whole meal.

We have one set 90t maize milling machine running in Zimbabwe.

100t/24h maize milling machine running in South Africa and India.

100T/24h maize mill machine running in Kenya,Zambia,Ethiopia etc.

According different country different market,the maize milling machine produce different final products.

This maize milling machine also complete automatic line.With cleaning-milling-packing systems.Use the stainless steel pipes and cyclone for life long and durable.

Price:$235 000.00~

$350 000.00

The new HDFM150 corn mill ​ is a compact mill developed for the entrepreneur looking to enter the maize meal market with a highly competitive product. 

This maize mill machine/corn mill produces high-quality maize meal through an easily managed process.

HDFM150 maize milling machine /corn mill ​enables the client to produce super and special maize meal, samp,brewers grits,fine maize flour – all in one machine. 

A compact machine in the true sense of the word True to HONGDEFA MILL tradition, one of the key benefits of the HDFM150 maize mill /corn mill is that it’s a proper compact machine, which can be built on one level.

The HDFM150 maize mill machine has a footprint of 200 square metres and is only 12 metres high 

Price:$380 000.00~$650 000.00

150t maize milling line from hdf.jpg
Raw 4

250T/24h maize mill-

500T/24h maize milling

For big investment 250t/24h maize milling machine,300t/24h maize mill,400t/24h maize flour mill and 500t/24h milling machine,we give customer A-Z Turnkey project.

A.Professional engineer team design according customers field/workshop

B.European standard with high quality

C.PLC control system can be choosed

D.Free to China inspect machine loading container

We have maize mill line in Zambia(240T);South Africa(1500T);Angola (250t) etc.

Contact us now for your private and quality milling plant!

hongdefa machinery 240t maize mill in An
1500t maize mill for SA.jpg

Hongdefa Machinery

1500t/24h maize milling line in South Africa





What is a good maize milling machine?

This is subjective to the capacity of maize milling machine so let us narrow down our question to what is a good 50tonne /24hrs maize mill?

A good maize milling machine should be able to mill 50 tonnes of maize in any 24hour period all the time.

A good maize flour milling line should give out a good quality of maize meal/maize flour in the end.

A good quality of maize meal is maize meal that has no dust, straw, husk, sand or any other grinded and un-grinded material that is not a maize kernel.

A good maize flour milling is comprised of a cleaning process, conditioning process, a degermination process, uses roller mills and sifting process.

Milling and sifting are the essence of grain processing so a good maize milling machine must have a good sifting processes and roller millers.  

A good maize machine should be fault free and durable. Once purchased a good maize mill should not constantly develop a technical fault and should function well for a very long period of time.

A good maize milling line uses the best material and fabric to avoid wear and tear damage for example rust and tearing due to vibrations of the mill. An example is use of stainless steel.

A good maize milling machine is user friendly, it can be operated easily, can be used indoors or outdoors and a good maize mill is also affordable cost wise and also has an after sale guarantee for assurance.

Hongdefa Maize Flour Milling Advantage:

Good Quality maize mill machine + Factory Price +Whole Life service
a. Our maize mill machine use Double layer ss moisture dampener
b. HDF patent machine for maize mill is Japan technology Degerminator - super white maize meal 
c. Pipes in flour milling system: stainess steel
d. PLC computer control for small maize milling machine or medium capacity maize flour mill machine.
e. Complete line including cleaning milling packing system. 
f. Lifetime service: More clients earn money and order machines from our factory after one or two years.
g. Branch office in Zambia,Ethiopia,Uganda,direct supply maize flour milling machine spare parts with good price
h. One year spare parts for free ,load together with maize mill plant to delivery. 

Our branch offices supply you best service for flour milling machine:
Ethiopia office for wheat flour milling machine and maize flour milling ;

Zambia office  for different flour milling mahcine;

Uganda  office for super white super fine flour mill equipment.

China Hongdefa supply complete maize(corn) milling machines / maize flour mill: Technical Flow pictorial:

Commercial maize flour milling equipment,with four system: maize cleaning--maize degerminating--maize milling--products packing 

  1. Corn flour mill/maize Cleaning system:As we know the raw material maize is very dirty in Africa countries.So the milling machine first step is cleaning .For the maize material there are many kind of impurity,like stone,iron,rope,plastic etc. We use complete cleaning machines : precleaning-maize drum sifter/maize cleaner/maize destoner etc.

  2. Corn mill/maize Degerminating system:After cleaning the maize,we need moisture machine/damper,moisture the maize,maize material will stay in moisture bin 2-10 hours according different request, then go to the maize degerminator.This is one important and neccessary machine for milling line.

  3. Corn milling/maize Milling system:The  process  of  manufacturing  the products  involves three  fundamental  sub-processes.  Firstly, physically detaches the three components of the maize kernel from each other with as little dilution or mixing as possible. Secondly, sorts and classifies the detached particles into specific groups and the last, sizes and reduces the particles to the required  granularity.  ​The three components are  then recombined  as necessary  depending on the type of finished  product required. The aim  of the  process then,  is to detach  the  bran  and germ from the maize kernels with a minimum disintegration of either the endosperm or the bran/ germ casing. The pure endosperm is then gradually reduced in size to form products of different granularity, ranging from the relatively large  pieces of samp to the very Fine maize flour. 

  4. Corn flour milling/maize Packing system: packing with different kind of bags,like 1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg/25kg/50kg;with manually handle sewing machine or auto packing machines.

100T maize mill installation (2).jpg


100t maize mill

100t maize milling line finish the installation and testing in Shashameni,Ethiopia

European standard maize milling design with pneumatic roller mills and sifters.

Packing system is automatic filling and sewing.

Final products is super quality maize grits, super fine maize flour and bran for animal feed.

30t maize milling line from hongdefa mac


30t maize mill

30t maize milling line installing in Busia, Kenya.

30t maize meal milling line running in Busia, Kenya.For the maize mill machine are complete line contains cleaning, degerminating,milling, sifting, packing,controlling system, which can produce "super white maize flour" for Ugali suitable for your market need.  It's special design for Kenya market, which have Japan technology degerminator, can produce "super white" maize meal for Ugali.We have micro dosser, for adding vitamin,minerals, it can produce fortified maize meal. 

wheat flour milling line from hongdefa m

62t flour mill installing in Ethoipia

This 62t/24h wheat flour mill now installing in Bahirdar. Wigh high technology and high quality.

Our complete line with cleaning-milling-packing systems,produce good quality wheat flour for biscuit,bread,cake etc.Our milling section design with roller mills and plansifter.
Please check and give me your feedback.

100t maize mill installing in ethiopia.j

100t maize mill installing in Ethiopia

We have the maize meal mill from 5ton per day to 500ton per day maize/wheat flour mill with different design. We have many machines running in Ethiopia

Our machine quality is best, with cleaning-milling-packing. Stainless steel pipes and cyclone; Smart touch screen control system. The maize mill  machine use newest technology, special design for Ethiopia. The machine more durable and life long.
Our flour milling price is factory price,no agent commission.Price directly you got from Factory.

100t mill.jpg

100t maize mill in Nigeria

AMMANI FARMS AND AGRO ALLIED LIMITED 30T client Funtua of Katsina State, after two years, client bought new 100T maize mill from us.

In Nigeria,our maize meal maize flour mill produce quality Grain masara and biski according your inquiry.

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